I live a graciously-given “second-life” between Dallas and Tyler, Texas with my wife and four children. By God’s grace I live each day with the blessing of five people I love dearly. We practice loving one another, so that we might better love and serve others outside our home.

When not writing, I can be found loving with my wife, playing with my children, running a fundraising company I own, or trying to find ways to help share the light in a world with plenty of darkness.

My heart is to see men and women’s lives saved and transformed as they come to know the God who created them and graciously gave them a way to not only have salvation but abundant life and life everlasting.

Our world is quite possibly full of more lies and deception than ever before. The mediums available to spread deception and lies and adversely influence an unsuspecting (or readily complicit) public are countless. We’ve lost real education, don’t know history, do not obtain necessary critical thinking skills and yet think we are smarter than ever. The bible says “The wisdom of the world….” The bible also says”about truth”. It is my aim here to prayerfully and submissively, with God’s help shine light into darkness and see truth revealed to all who are earnestly seeking.

When not trying to save the world (a little joke joke there don’t go crazy) or indulging in family, I enjoy tennis, music, reading, working out, sports, the ocean, and travel in general. add another page.

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